Cheap Yogyakarta Pick Up Car Rent

Unlike other car rents, Yogyakarta Pick Up Car Rent provides you with a special kind of vehicle: small trucks. Local people call them pick up. They are at the average size of cars, instead of large like a lorry, running on MPV and SUV engine just like Avanza, Xenia, Terios, and Rush do. 

A pick up car is usually used when university students in Jogja have to move in or out. Farmers also use the car to transport their crops or animals to the market. Since you do not need it every day, renting a pick up car, as opposed to buy one, is the best option when the time comes. 

Jogja Daihatsu Pick Up Car Rent  

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Daihatsu Gran Max is the best pick up car you can possibly rent. Again, the car runs on MPV car and SUV engine, the same 1,300cc as Avanza or Xenia and 1,500cc as Terios or Rush. The huge difference that the pick-up car makes is that you can load huge stuffs onto the truck – you cannot stack a set of living room sofa into an Avanza or Terios, can’t you.

A pick up car with bigger engine will be more suitable for a more challenging route out of town or larger stuffs transference. How large is it exactly you can load onto the car? The box is 2.35 meters in length and 1.58 meters in width. The height is only 0.3 meters, but you can always use ropes to tie taller stuffs – that is what people normally do, anyway.

  • Use the same engine as MPV and SUV which is engine with 1.300 cc and 1.500 cc
  • Big car capacity with box dimension of 2.35 m x 1.58 m x 0.3 m
  • The front seat can accommodate up to 3 passengers

Other than the box, it is worth mentioning that you can squeeze three adults on the front seat of the pick-up car. But you had better keep the figure on two, including the driver.

Yogyakarta Pick Up Car Rent Aggressive Performance

Container/m : Pick Up
Length : 2,35
Width : 1,585
Height : 0,3/0,36
Load Capacity : 1,8 Tons
Standard Load Capacity : 1.5 Tons
: Call Me

 Daihatsu Gran Max is the pick-up car you need when you have to load large and heavy stuffs on bumpy roads – sure, it means that there will be no problem on easy, smooth roads. Since the engine is powerful, as you have read above, you know you can expect nothing less. Also, you will not run of your money as you fill up the gas tank because the car will be just fine running on the lowest quality of gasoline (read cargo car rent Jogja). 

As a matter of fact, it takes more than just the fuel to build such a resilient performance. A pick up car rent should always arrange scheduled checkups and maintenance of the vehicle in order that the engine performs at its peak.

When you rent a very well maintained Daihatsu Gran Max, the car is actually ready for an off road – theoretically, though. But you sure are going to need the car for a completely another purpose.

  A Pick Up Car Ride

You may have had a less satisfying experience driving a pick-up car, but Daihatsu Gran Max should give you a totally different effect. The 5-speed manual transmission is supported with excellent front and rear braking system.

Saving a parking lot is also easier due to the mechanical braking. Still, be sure you ride a Daihatsu Gran Max with a bigger gear ratio when you should take challenging roads. You can always ask one to the Yogyakarta Pick Up Car Rent.

  Renting a Pick Up Car

Only a few people need to rent a pick up car, but there will always some amount of demand in the field from time to time. It is no wonder that finding the scarcely available pick up cars is not very easy.

Apart from your own constraints, including finding the right box size that is big enough for your errands, pick up cars with regular upkeeps should be your major requirement before deciding on renting one. Then, your mission will be accomplished with Yogyakarta Pick Up Car Rent.